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The contacts were drying out my eyes because I stare at a computer all day, so I tried Ortho-k with Dr Solomon. It changed my life! Because I can see without the contacts during the day, I no longer have burning tearing red eyes, thanks Dr S.

-Justin P

My 10 year old daughter has had to wear her glasses all the time until I took her to Dr Solomon. She fit Lucy with Ortho-k lenses and in a few days she was seeing without her glasses during the day. She also worked with Lucy to strengthen her eyes with exercises. We are so thankful for the special care Dr Solomon gave us. Lucy is so happy to be free of eyeglasses and seeing so well! -

-Wei C.

​Everybody says that to play good tennis you need to see the ball and for years I have tried to do that.  It has always been my belief that if I can truly see the ball I can do anything with it.  Finally, through Dr. Solomon’s program of vision training, I am learning how.  With Dr. S’s vision training I am actually training my eyes to work together to track the ball more effectively.  The combination of knowledge and expertise she brings as an eye doctor and athlete make for a top-notch program guaranteed to bring about results.  Even by my third session of vision training-complete with a series of exercises meant to train my eyes to work together, expand peripheral vision, adjust to different depths-I noticed a new ability to see the ball as it travels over the net, from side to side.  This vision training makes sense and it works!

- Margaret Emory, theatrical agent and author of “ASK AN AGENT”

​From the time I got my first pair of glasses when I was eight years old, I knew I had very stubborn eyes.  I never saw 20/20 with glasses or contacts, and was told I never would.  My left eye has an astigmatism, and is a little worse in sight from the right.  I would just go from eye doctor to eye doctor, getting new glasses every year that I couldn’t see with and spending hundreds of dollars on contacts that I couldn’t wear because they dried my eyes out or would just rip and tear.  Frustrated and deflated, I found Dr. Solomon online through my VSP website.  The first time I called to schedule an appointment with Dr. Solomon, she answered the phone herself, on a weekend, and said that she could see me that same day.  

You will only get Dr. Solomon’s answering service when she is in with a patient.  She is professional, caring, thorough, and just a really good person.  The best thing about her is that she is good at what she does.  I can see with my contacts now, AND with my glasses — 20/20!  

​Thanks, Dr. Solomon! 

- Maryellen K.


Dr Solomon 


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