Sol Optometry

At Sol Optometry, eye exams are available for your convenience before and after work, during regular business hours, and weekends.​

Due to our personalized service, appointments are needed for all services, including, eye exams, eye glass purchases and contact lens fittings.

​   Sol Optometry proudly offers the following services:

  • Personalized service with extended hours to accommodate everyone's busy schedule

  • Swift email communications with patients from the doctor

  • Full, comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings - soft and gas permeables​

  • ​Full selection of eyewear, including a large selection of active eyewear for all sports and recreational activities

  • Vision Therapy - exercises to treat reading difficulties, headaches, eye strain and computer related eye strainSports vision training - exercises to enhance eye-hand coordination for all sports

  • Orthokeratology - changing the shape of the eye to decrease refractive error using contact lenses.

  • Syntonics - the non-invasive application of selected light frequencies through the eyes, used to treat visual dysfunctions